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Old 04-17-2012, 01:06 PM
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Thumbs up christmas (from a low perspective)

christmas (from a low perspective)

oh no, it's december

oh no, it's here

santa will be coming soon,

with all his damned reindeer

with lots of toys and goodies,

loaded on his sleigh

to deliver to the children,

in time for christmas day

but children, they are greedy,

they won't settle for the basics,
from puppies down to ipods,

they want it all, let's face it

they think that it's so cool,

having a toyland under the tree,

but they forget about the important things,

like good health, and family

a good home,

good electric and heat,

and food apon the table,

they have something nice to eat,

while others are unable

to provide the things we have,

the things we take for granted,

some of us have much too much

much more than we wanted

because 1 day you get too much,

makes you fail to see,

there's people and there's lots of them,

in so much misery

they don't have all the stuff,

not even half of what we've got,

but are people that bothered nowadays?

no, there really not.

christmas has just become a time,

where people think of themselves

buying everything they can,

and stocking up the shelves

trying to be richer,

trying to be the best,

where's the fun in all that crap?

come on, give it a rest!

buying 50 ipods,

and lots of useless toys,

forgotten about in just a day,

it really does anoy

then in sted of taking them,

to someone who's in need,

you pick them up and toss them out,

you do it at great speeds

all that money wasted,

on stuff that was brand new,

okay it wasn't good enough,

but what's got in to you

and it's not just the toys,

what about the decorations?

lights are on in every room,

there must be some explanation?

train sets, singing snowmen,

lights along the floor,

a santa singing jingle bells,

as you open up the door,

there's lights of green and yellow,

of every shape and size,

it really is a nuisence,

not good for the eyes.

it really is a sight to see,

but on the other hand,

we're talking about just 1 month,

we're not in wonderland

and then there's all the organizing,

it really is ashame,

to put things up for christmas,

then take them down again.

all in all my thoughts are,

christmas is a waste

it makes people ungreatful,

takes up loads of space

the real thing is over,

before it has begun,

the rest of the time is just,

not anything,

not fun,

the actual thing for most people,

is just on christmas day

after that it's pointless,

put everything away

so now i've told you everything,i've told you all i know,

i lost my faith in christmas, a long long time ago.
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