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Old 04-17-2012, 07:54 AM
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Default bloody tragety

Bloody Tragedy

You can scream and run,

But you can't escape your own fate.

You see in his hands a gun,

And you realize it's far too late.

You scream bloody murder,

But nobody even cares.

You see him pull the trigger back further,

And you notice for the first time those bloodthirsty glares.

As the bullet pierces your chest,

You begin to feel your life slip away.

You realize you were just his experimental test,

And now he's gone and ended your days.

As you now lie in a pool of your own blood,

He begins to circle like a savage beast.

When you had hit the floor with a thud,

You saw in his eyes that he had cared the least.

Again you scream in agony,

And again nobody hears.

Of him you beg for mercy,

But in him you find none, only murderous leers.

You never dreamed it could come to this;

You remember all those precious moments.

You always yearned for his kiss,

But now you understand nothing can be permanent.

You shiver as he begins to speak,

And his tone makes your blood run cold.

He laughs in your face when you shriek,

And you don't know how you found in him a heart of gold.

He says it's time now,

And you don't have to wonder what for.

He's put on a good show,

But he suddenly uncovers more.

Once again he pulls out his rifle,

And this time the job he started he means to finish.

Your horrified gasps you try hard to stifle,

As what life you have left is soon to diminish.

You cringe as he readies himself for the final strike;

For his first shot had regrettably missed.

This time, it feels as if he's stabbed you with a pike,

And this time you're gone as approvingly he hissed.

From beyond it's always easier to play witness,

Because you're not there for the crazed laughter he emits to this parody.

It's now time to go, and behind you you leave all this madness;

This terribly malicious bloody tragedy.
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