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Old 10-29-2013, 05:50 PM
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Default Re: Trailer troubles

If you buy a new axle get the "EZ lube". Already drilled and tapped w/ zerk and and rubber plug you remove to grease them. You just pump grease in 'til the old is forced out around the zerk, wipe off the excess and replace the rubber plug. As already mentioned they should be jacked up and checked for any excess play once a yr. I replaced the axle on my small boat tlr last spring w/ an EZ-lube on the recommendation of my local tlr sales and repair guy who is a close friend. He's sold several to boat owners and says they work as well as bearing buddies because there's no air in the hub to contract and draw in water. I've read some claims on the net that some have pushed out the seal on EZ-lubes but I just don't see how since no pressure is being developed. Maybe w/ a large shop type pneumatic grease gun.
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