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Old 04-26-2019, 06:59 PM
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Default Re: firearms of the north and south

OK these are the last of the civil war guns I have without repeating makes

1- first group Rogers&Spencer percussion revolvers 44 cal. I have shot the nickeled one. I don't think the blued one has ever been shot Similar to the Remington 1858 but more robust. They were ordered by the army in 1865 but by the time the order was filled the war was over so they were sold off as surplus. About 2000 made.

2- A percussion target/sniper rifle in the original case with all of the original tools and bullet mold. Its very rare that you find one in the case with everything. Normally all the small stuff is long gone. I bought it from a guy that it has been in his family since new. I asked him why he would sell it his reply was I don't like guns. I tried to talk him out of selling it but he was adamant I even said your family has had it for 170 years its an heirloom what if your grand son or whoever down the line likes guns it had no effect. it is 38 cal. shoots the Pickett bullet shaped like candy corn. Have shot it a lot. 1MOA out to about 300 yards with some fliers. that pointed bullet has to be loaded perfectly. When you load it you use the bullet starter shown insert bullet place over muzzle and wack it with the palm of your hand. That starts it in the rifling then ram it very carefully .

3- this is a very heavy target/ sniper rifle. I have not played with it yet. the barrel alone weighs 25# very heavy bull barrel about 40 cal. the case is a reproduction and all the tools and bullet starter are missing.

4- the last group is Bullets and cases the first are bullets for the Whitworth already posted it could shoot a conical that would bump up to hex when fired. worked well out to 1000 yards. the hex one that fits the barrel is a twisted hex 1 on 20 twist like the barrel. When you load it the bullet screws down the bore. the next is the way I shoot the Smith carbine posted. the shell is poly tubing with a cut down colt .45 brass with the primer missing. the fire from the percussion cap jumps through the primer hole on the brass and it works very well and you can re load them without any tools. The last ones are 58cal. Minn'e balls with the expanding base. These were used in the Enfield posted and the Springfield posted. They are under sized at .577 they bump up on firing allowing it to be shot more times between cleaning. That must of been a bitch when the bullet won't fit until you clean it between shots while being shot at.

5- We need a Cowboy /Indian wars forum 1870- 1890 I have a lot in that era and is my favorite time period. What do you think about that idea?
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