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Old 10-07-2019, 11:19 AM
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Default A true story.

This sounds like a joke, but is actually a true story.

I had some friends many years ago, who had a kid.
Does a child's name decide who he is, and what his fate may be?
Their last name was Stone.
They named the boy Roland.
He was a monster by the time he could walk.
If you ever saw a toddler and thought to yourself, this kid is gonna be a front line backer, this would be him.

Little Roland was an animal.

Dad was a full blown football addict.
God help you if you interrupted him watching a game.
(Especially with a vacuum cleaner)

Mom was a neurotic vacuumer.
Everytime she was upset, nervous, or just about anything else, she would vacuum.
She was on the Hoover man's rotation, and was good for at least one or two vacuum cleaners a year.

Little Roland was in kindergarten or first grade.
The teacher was showing the class pictures, and having the children name what the objects were.
When the teacher presented a vacuum cleaner, little Roland jumped up all excited because he knew what it was, and began shouting, it's a fucker, it's a fucker!!!!

He was probably the first kid ever to kicked out of kindergarten and asked not to return.
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