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Old 02-01-2018, 07:59 PM
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Default Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe my first impressions / review

I've had my 2018 Pioneer 1000-5 deluxe for a little over a month now. And during that month we have over two straight weeks of below freezing temps, many days way below freezing. And now for the last week I've had the flu. I should call it nightmare flu cause it is the worst I've ever had.

So, I've had limited opportunities to use the Honda considering Christmas and New Years holidays were also during this time period. But, I did manage to put 52 miles on her. From the start in automatic and manual it would overly shift. It took some getting used to. Especially on my trails where the average speed is 8mph. Even in manual shift I would try to get to 2nd for easy cruising without high rpm but the honda would downshift on it's own to 1st. This is in manual where I should be able to pick the gear. My Honda ATV 450ES can be put in 2nd and will stay there no matter what until I shift out of 2nd. I sure prefer the ATV way.

To get 52 miles on the Pioneer I had to ride some back roads. I was able to get the speed up to 38 and she had plenty more to give if I wanted. The ride is comfortable. I had 5 of us in it on multiple occasions (2 of the 5 being young kiddos) and we had plenty of room and power. I've also had 4 full size adults in it on our trails to the river. Again, it performed exactly as I hoped it would. It will climb hills that (due to rocks protruding up on the hill) my RTV 900, RTV 1140 and my Kubota L3020 tractor (with industrial tires) could not climb. AG tires on the tractor would probably fix that, but that is cost prohibitive at this juncture. I have some trails I have not been on in years, I have high hopes that the Pioneer will help me tame those trails.

The Pioneer has what appears to be standard shift configuration: P (Park) R (Reverse) N (Neutral) D (Drive) L (Low). But Honda did things a little different. L is not just a Low gear, but a complete set of Low gears that will go up to 33mph. It is for use on trails like mine where you are going slow all the time. Better gearing for the hills and better shift points. As I have put more miles on the Pioneer the shifting seems to be settling in to smoother operation, which is what I was told at the dealership.

The one flaw, in my opinion, is there is no emergency brake. So if you have to stop on a steep hill, you have to set it in Park. We all know when you then want to take off on the steep hill you will hear a big clunk when you shift from Park to Drive.

3 things I see many new owners do are:
1. Buy bigger more aggressive tires right from the get go.
2. Add a snorkel
3. Extend the vent lines.

I have not figured out if any of this is truly needed for the kind of riding I plan to do, or if this is just boys upgrading their toys.

Honda engineers are pretty capable, and they know these UTV's will be taken on rough ground, through small creeks and in lots of mud. Extreme UTV'ing is a whole other ball game. I've already read of numerous guys tearing up their machine jumping rock piles, going into water that is 4ft deep etc etc. These machines are expensive. I have no problem turning around if I encounter extreme obstacles.

These are not the fastest UTV out there. Pioneers will go 50+mph and have good acceleration, but don't expect to be the fastest UTV on the trail. As I understand it Polaris is faster, and more comfortable. But Polaris is belt drive. Belts work, but can cause more down time and maintenance. I've had such good luck with Honda products that other UTV's were not really in the running. I do not care to be the fastest, I'm not in a hurry, I'm out there for fun. It appears Honda is coming out with a 'sport' UTV more direct competition with Polaris. I'm more for the utility / work machine that I can also have fun in. I do think I've found that with the Pioneer.

I will add to this review as I get more seat time over the coming months.
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Default Re: Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe my first impressions / review

Add a snorkel . . .

How deep is the mud there?

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