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Old 01-27-2018, 08:20 PM
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Default Aha Moment

I have been reading about many things lately, and taking the time to cross reference with the Bible. The elements, herbs, ways to protect the earth, healing all the things we want to ďget back toĒ are in the word.

Why is it we donít hear of these things from the pulpit? We hear of honor and glory if you follow the right path, we hear of sin and abandonment if we donít. We are talk to like there is only one part of our being that needs to be nourished and tended to.

Most folks will read the first part Genesis and the last part Revelation, and a few things in-between. But there is a complete guide for living in that book.

Did you know there is the ultimate diet for keeping a healthy body? Or that there are gardening tips to keep from abusing the earth?

But the part that got me today as I was meditating is the fact that all the things Jesus did while he was here wasnít to show us the glory of God. It was to show us the glory within us. Yes Jesus is the Son of God. He was here to expressly show us something. Something so amazing, and we freeken missed it.

He was here to show us what gifts we were all born with. To let us know there is ďmoreĒ, to heal, to envision, spreading emotions to give comfort and to teach. Never would I say we are just like Christ, nor would I say we are gods. But I would say that we are Godís children, here on this planet for a specific task. Each of us with a lesson to learn and a lesson to share, as Christ was the Son of God, we are Godís children as well.

But to take it one step farther, to me I donít care what you call the Creator, but there are levels of beings, and they are all energy bound. There are celestial beings, angels, guides; spiritual beings of energy and awareness. How did they get that way? Or a better question, how did we get this way? I talk to many people and it seems folks have been giving me clues.

I talk to many people, some say there is no supreme being, some say we were planted here from another planet, or many planets. We have past lives, we have karma, we must become enlightened, we must learn our lessonsÖÖon and on.

But what if all we are here to do is remember. Remember whatever it is that is so great about being here. Remember how to live in controlled environments, to share, to NEED. Think about it. If you were just energy and awareness, what could you ever need? How could you know? So to REMEMBER we come here to be shackled by our logic, terms and destinies. I mentioned before that we are all here to play our parts, I feel that more strongly now more than ever. We dream, learn and seek our place here, but in truth we are all right where we are supposed to be. We picked this! There is something we want to REMEMBER. That is what we are seeking. I have people telling me this all the time, but it didnít make sense to me till now.
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