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Old 11-09-2018, 06:45 PM
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Question Harley officially introduces LIVEWIRE electric motorcycle ... who will buy it?

The Harley-Davidson LIVEWIRE is finally introduced to the world.

But who is the customer base? Will traditional H-D customers actually want an electric bike? Or will they want a bike that is styled like the LIVEWIRE? And how will this change the dealerships?

I've spent some time in exactly 1 H-D dealership. For the most part I felt like I was a raisin among grapes. First time I was in the store they were having a HOG event. I was wearing cargo shorts and a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. My wife had a red gingham dress on, with flip flops. Now we were greeted by helpful staff, all wearing some sort of black clothing and sporting visible tattoos. We shopped helmets in that store a couple different days.

That same store is where we also took our 3 day MSA motorcycle training class so we could both get re-certified and legally ride motorcycles (been illegally riding for the past decade). But we never really "fit" the mold of the traditional H-D customer. My wife's grey & pink riding boots were criticized by one of our instructors before she pointed out that they were, in fact, CE level 1 armored motorcycle boots. And I suspect that potential LIVEWIRE customers may not "fit in" as traditional H-D customers either. Will the dealerships adapt their merchandising to attract sales for potential LIVEWIRE customers? Will H-D be able to change its marketing enough to attract non-traditional potential customers into stores to look at the LIVEWIRE?

FULL ARTICLE at the link =>

Harley-Davidson is showing the world the first model of its all-electric LiveWire at EICMA, and the world is paying attention.

When you see a motorcycle review on CNET or TechCrunch, you know the game is changing, even if you’re not sure exactly how.

We wrote about the LiveWire a little while ago, and it represents a big bet on the future direction of the motorcycle industry by the Motor Company. Harley isn’t just making one bike, they plan three iterations of the LiveWire plus three lightweight urban electric machines.

While Harley is still staying mum on specs like horsepower equivalent, range, and speed, they did release more details at the show.

The “permanent magnet” electric motor will be a stressed member of the frame, have oodles of torque, and although it won’t have the tradition sound, many of you guessed correctly that they are going to more-or-less manufacture some sound into the output. As the throttle setting goes up, a tone will increase in pitch and volume. The bike will be suspended by adjustable Showa suspension front and back.

The TFT touch display will give you a choice of seven different riding modes. Four come pre-set at the factory, the other three you can set yourself. Other electronic goodies include ABS and traction control.

There are two batteries onboard. The biggie is housed in a casing with cooling fins. A smaller 12-volt lithium-ion will feed the onboard electrics like the instrument display, lights, horn, and controls.

The LiveWire carries a Level 1 charger installed, but can also use Level 2, Level 3 or DC Fast Charge (DCFC.) All Harley-Davidson dealers that sell the LiveWire will have a charging station at the dealership.

VIDEO (in Italian) >>>

Another VIDEO (no speaking) >>>
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Old 11-09-2018, 07:34 PM
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Default Re: Harley officially introduces LIVEWIRE electric motorcycle ... who will buy it?

Not me.
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