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Old 08-13-2018, 11:56 AM
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Default In Case You Missed It Dept.:

Facebook officials warned they discovered propagandists are going on Facebook and trying to influence the fall election results. They are using divisive language, sarcastic jokes, and outrageous memes to sway voters. Investigators have narrowed the list of suspects down to everybody.

A Washington, D.C. psychiatrist is diagnosing several patients with Trump Anxiety Disorder, an acute fear of what the president is going do next. It could wreck the economy if the AMA certifies the disease. Half the state of California can retire early if Trump Anxiety Disorder qualifies for disability.

Psychology Today confirmed the existence of Trump Anxiety Disorder and added it's caused by a person's fear that President Trump's policies and tweets threaten his health and well-being. Diagnosis is easy. The doctor has you recite the alphabet and if you say A-B-C-N-N, then you've got it.

Twitter executives formed a six-panel group of academics to promote less angry partisanship on Twitter, even though all six have posted anti-Trump rants on Twitter in the past. They should not mess with the platform's core function. Twitter gives the Village Idiot a chance to go international.

Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg will coproduce a documentary series on the centennial of the women's suffrage victory. This series is very personal to Hillary. It'll tell the story how women struggled hard to win the right to vote, so that one hundred years later they could elect Donald Trump.

President Trump joked to a rally that he's the most presidential U.S. president in history "with the exception of the guy with the big hat, Abe Lincoln."There's a difference. Just by living to the end of the play, Lincoln proved he was safer in a theater full of actors than Trump would ever be.

-- Argus Hamilton
The Devil whispered in Trumps ear "You're not strong enough to withstand the storm".
President Trump whispered back, "I am That Storm".
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