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Old 06-29-2020, 07:36 PM
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Default Christian Suffering And The % Percent % Ratio Of Time To Eternity.

JAG Writes:

The takeaway point of this article is that all human suffering for the Christian

will eventually become such a small fraction of our Total Experience that it will be almost non-existent.



I will tell you up-front this is going to be a tedious read.

You will see why if you keep going. However if you are a Christian, it will make you happy.

Especially if you are suffering.

Or if someone you LOVE is a Christian who is suffering.

Come on.

You can do it.

Don't quit reading till the end.


Let us assume a worst case scenario.

John Christian lived 100 years suffering severely every year he lived.

He even hurt as a new born, was still hurting when he entered Kindergarten, and he hurt all the way through High School.

John Christian never stopped hurting until the day he died.

John Christian spent his entire life in severe pain and all his money on doctors trying to get rid of the pain.

He never succeeded.

When he turned 75 he quit trying and decided to "just live with it" on out to the end and he did exactly that and

died at age 100, in severe pain, but trusting the Lord Jesus as his Savior.

Note: I don't think the Lord has ever allowed such as this to occur for one of His children, but I

need a "worst case scenario" here in order to make my point.

John Christian, after living 100 years in severe pain dies and goes to Heaven to be with the Lord for all Eternity.


Here is where your patience is going to be severely tested.

But you can do it.

Past the test.

Keep on reading slow and carefully to the end.


What is the percent ratio of 100 years to Eternity?

After John Christian had been in Heaven for 200 years, you'd have this fraction:100 divided by 200 = 0.5

After John Christian had been in Heaven for 500 years, you'd have this fraction:100 divided by 500 = 0.2

After 10,000 years, you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 10,000 = 0.01

After 100,000 years, you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 100,000 = 0.001

After 1,000,000 years in Heaven you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 1,000,000 = 0.0001

After 10,000,000 years, you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 10,000,000 = 0.00001

After 50,000,000 years, you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 50,000,000 = 0.000002

After John Christian had been in Heaven for 100,000,000 years, you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 100,000,000 = 0.000001

After 500,000,000 years, you'd have this fraction: 100 divided by 500,000,000 = 0.0000002

Question: How many zeros would you have after John Christian had been in Heaven for 999 trillion years?

Moreover, as Eternity rolled on, there would never come a time when you would not be adding more zeros?

At some point the 100 years of severe suffering experienced by John Christian in this life would become, in his mind and in his

total experience, a fraction so small as to be, for all practical purposes, totally and absolutely non-existent.

And again, as Eternity rolls on, the zeros would never cease to be added to the 0.

At some point in Eternity, you have 999 trillion to the power of 999 trillion . . zeros.

And once you reached this point, you would not even have "got started good" in adding zeros to the 0.0

God's Mercy and Grace: The mere passing of time in Eternity, will one day, for all practical purposes, reduce our earthly

suffering, with regard to our total experience, in percent ratio, to a fraction so small that it will be, de facto, non-existent.

Of course, all this is assuming that we have the "passing of years", in Eternity.

Eternity may have a totally different concept of Time than we now experience so that we will not have to wait, say,

999 trillion "years" for our earthly suffering to, de facto, vanish into oblivion.

That might happen the moment we enter Eternity.

But either way all our human suffering, will, in Eternity, vanish into percent-ratio-oblivion, and for all practical purposes, cease to exist.


If you finished all that, you can be proud.

I know it was a struggle.

So what do you think about my article?

Did it make you happy?

I hope it did.

Try to tell me something nice, now. /Grin


May God Bless Us All.

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