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Old 10-07-2017, 07:48 AM
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Default First, Bankrupt the Bastards

How do you go after an industry when every single organ of the media plus virtually everyone in the political sphere lies blatantly and misleads with criminal intent to rob you on a daily basis?

The Trump administration will issue a rule on Friday to sharply limit the Affordable Care Actís contraception coverage mandate, a move that could mean hundreds of thousands of American women would no longer have access to birth control free of charge.
That's a lie.

They then double down with this lie that ought to be treated as a felony act of fraud:

The action by the Trump administration is almost certain to spark fresh litigation. The National Womenís Law Center ó which estimates that in 2013 alone, the contraception requirement saved women $1.4 billion in oral contraceptive costs ó has vowed to challenge the administration in court.
The "contraception requirement" has not saved a single woman one penny in oral contraceptive costs. It has in fact cost women more money than its absence would have.


Because always and everywhere the cost of "insurance" is given by a mathematical formula:

$ (Cost) = (P (event) * $ (Event)) + profit (to the insurance company)

P = probability.

If P(event) is 1.0 (in other words, you are already taking contraceptives, in this case, or you intend to) then the cost of running a contraceptive purchase through insurance as opposed to paying cash will always cost you more because the insurance company has to get paid for the process of handling the money; without such compensation the company would go broke.

Further, there are other extraordinarily perverse incentives that increase cost dramatically when "insurance" is involved in a routine thing. One of them is that the price of a given item tends to become obscured because you never see the actual bill. This means that the providers (including the pharmacy where you fill said prescription) have a strong disincentive to not post prices and give you comparisons between different brands of a given thing because all you see is your "co-pay", if there is one.

Since a pharmacy like most businesses usually operates on a margin basis (that is, a percentage markup) their incentive is to sell you the most expensive thing they can get someone else to pay for if the amount out of your pocket doesn't change. Would you rather make 10% of $10 or 10% of $200?

The problem with this scheme is that it's a fraud upon you and ought to be treated as a felony against you.


Now let's add to that this fact: No matter how you get your "insurance" you pay for it -- every single damn dime of it. If you work and have it through your employer the average cost for your family's "coverage" is now $17,000 a year and some 80% of that price is due to these frauds. That's $17,000 in salary you don't get but would if your employer didn't have to pay that much. If the cost of your insurance was 80% less (that is, about $3,500 a year) then you would receive an immediate $13,500 a year raise!

Think about that folks -- for the average middle-class family what would $13,500 in increased salary mean to you? That's an utterly enormous amount of money; more than $1,000 a month! It would pay your entire grocery bill with some left over. It would almost cover a $250,000 home mortgage payment.

The average middle-class family is being literally screwed out of a house by this crap and everyone in the political class and media including the Washington Post which is owned by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is intentionally lying to you on a daily basis for the explicit purpose of maintaining and expanding this fraud that bilks you out of the mortgage payment on a middle-class house each and every year.

Instead of demanding that those who steal a house payment from you every month go to prison or even hang in the public square you instead buy into the idea that you should whine about a drug that costs $10 a month to buy for cash.

If you tossed the jackasses in prison who were stealing $13,500 from you every year you wouldn't care about paying $10 for your birth control pills over-the-counter.
Imagine the most powerful Nation on the planet whose process of governance is sabotaged and abrogated due to eleventh hour scurrilous accusations by politically motivated and funded people who cannot remember details, have no evidence or proof, made no claims for decades, and have never known the accused. You have now entered..... The Twilight Zone
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