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Old 07-20-2012, 01:38 PM
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Default Anyone ever ran SuperTrapp exhaust on their bike?

I bought another VMAX (had an opportunity to sell the first one for a quick profit, so I did) and this one came with a set of SuperTrapp pipes on it. I immediately took them off and put it back to stock because, like a Harley (remember, my dad and I have one) straight pipes I think it sounded like an old 70's B&S lawn mower engine sans muffler and in need of a tuneup. I suppose after years of racing, sound means nothing to me; performance does. And, IMHO, compared to my previous completely stock VMAX, this VMAX felt slower besides sounding terrible with straight pipes.

Then I got onto SuperTrapp's site and their forums and began to read about their technology that uses multiples of "discs" to tune their pipes. The exhaust outlets between the discs go from a smaller outlet to a larger outlet, or maybe I have that backwards. Anyway, they have worked on making pipes that don't necessarily make more noise, but more HP. That got me thinking, so I ordered 18 discs and a capped end to the pipe; forcing all the exhaust out through the rings of discs. According to the guy at SuperTrapp, that would be an optimum number of discs to give me roughly 10 more hp and, with the capped end on the pipe, a healthy rumble but not a noisy set of pipes. If I wanted noise, he suggested an open end on the pipe but said I'd lose about 2 hp when compared to a capped end to the pipe.

I've never heard of anything like these pipes. The same company sells Kerker pipes, which I did run on occasion back when I was racing, so I know they've been around for a while. Just curious if anyone else has experimented with SuperTrapps and their power discs?
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Old 07-20-2012, 03:01 PM
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Default Re: Anyone ever ran SuperTrapp exhaust on their bike?

I did a custom exhaust on a Buell v twin, the guy had a fuel injection / ignition system on it that allowed him to map the fuel and timing,that plus the Supertrapp he had me ad after the tubes got welded. he was able to get some 60 extra HP from just changing some disc's out. .worked great for him.with all the stuff he had on this bike he was pushing some 240+ HP. ya hoo i wouldn't ride it.
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