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Old 12-02-2016, 11:19 AM
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Default Re: KRISTI Brochures & Spec Sheets

ok so i know there are alot of different opinions out there. but the DOT kristi log book is the only realistic source we have with any actual data that can be cross checked against the surviving machines. Taking that I tallied every serial number I had access to and came up with the Kristi production numbers from colorado and what we know about washington.

KS-1 snowplane = 7
Ber-Kat = 7
KT-2 = 28
KT-2A = 7
KT-3 = 108
KT-3A = 1
KT-3M = 1
KT-4 = 9
KT-4A = 9
KT-4G = 2
KT-4JC = 1
KT-W = 1
KT-6 = 1
KT-7 = 4
Total units produced from '56-'66 was 182 with the KT-7'S built in washington in '73 making the grand total 186. I am only counting documented serial numbers but this does include all prototypes that were given a number, scrapped or not.

disclaimer: what little info the log book says about each serial number checks out. I have looked into a couple kt3's I know of that are not included in the "surviving registry" but the build specs and serial numbers coincide with the DOT list.

Im not interested in who said what differently or how many times its changed. I just want the true hard numbers. If more KT-3's were built in washington, there should be some serial numbers to back up these claims. if you have a KT-3 with a serial number higher than #180 lets see it, that could be a washington built kt3. but untill we actually see one, we can only say that 4 new serial numbers were produced in washington.

Im particularly interested in the KT-3A and KT-3M. Not much info about these but id like to know what distinguished them from a regular KT-3. id also like to know what made the KT-6 different as there is very little info on this model.
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