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Old 06-07-2020, 04:07 PM
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Default I Believe In UFO's.

This following is a fun piece I wrote and its total craziness nonsense,
but it was enjoyable writing it up nonetheless.

If you are NOT in the mood to read pure insanity, then read no further.


I Believe In UFO's
by JAG

I believe in UFO's. Just yesterday my wife and I were out in the back
yard when an Unidentified Flying Object landed on our patio table as
we were relaxing sipping tea.

Good Lands! I exclaimed, what can that be?

My wife immediately recognized it as a UFO.

I noticed that it was about 13 inches long and about 7 inches wide.

It made a humming sound as it landed. The humming sound continued
for about 3 minutes and then began to slowly die down.

We didn't know what to think about that, so we just sat there
flabbergasted and bewildered staring at the UFO.

Suddenly we saw the door in the side of the UFO open, and out
stepped 3 little orange colored men about 2 inches tall.

One of them said Hello JAG, how are you?

I'm doing just fine. I replied, and I hope you're doing well yourself.

Listen I said, is that a spaceship you all just landed on my patio table?

Yes it is, said one of the little orange men.

Then they introduced themselves.

The one who first spoke to me said he was the leader and that his name
was Qzxzzxzzxzqqqxq, but I could just called him Bob, because that
would make things much less complicated.

The other two introduced themselves as Henry and Tom.

Okay I said, and by the way, where are you all from?

We're from the Andromeda Galaxy some 2.5 million light years
from Earth, said Bob.

Well I said, that's interesting Bob. What planet are you from?

Sorry, replied Bob, but we can't tell you that, its classified.

Okay Bob I said, can you tell me why you all have landed your
spaceship on my patio table?

We were sent to Earth just to see you JAG, said Henry.

Good lands! I replied, why me? Why would you travel all that
distance just to see me?

We came to tell you that Donald Trump is not really an Earthling.

What? I exclaimed, you mean he's not one of us?

That's right, said Henry. Donald Trump is from another planet and he
was sent here to Earth to prepare you Earthlings for more and more
friendly visits from we visitors from Outer Space.

Really? I exclaimed, You mean they're coming here to be our friends?
To help us?

Yes indeed, replied Bob. There is a lot we know that can help
you Earthlings, a whole lot.

Can you give me an example, I asked.

Sure I can, replied Bob. You JAG are a Republican, and we can tell
you that we know for an absolute fact, that the Republican Party is
better than the Donk Party.

I always knew it was, I replied, but it makes my heart glad to hear it
from you good folks out there in the Andromeda Galaxy.

What else can you tell me that will cheer my heart, I asked.

We can tell you JAG, that you are a solid gold human being,
and we have great hopes for you.

Thank you very much fellows, I replied, and may The Force be with you.

Thanks JAG, and may The Force be with you too, and the wifey as well.

My wife smiled at hearing that, and said, "Thanks guys, much appreciated."

Well, said Bob, we have to be getting on back home. It was nice
chatting with you JAG, and we'll be in touch.

Sounds good to me, you all take care now.

Goodbye JAG.

So long fellows, I said.

Then Bob, and Tom, and Henry returned to their spaceship and took off
into the blue yonder.

The end.



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