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Old 08-01-2013, 08:59 AM
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Default Had to Share This Letter

Take time to read !!!! It's Good !!!!
Down Here In Louisiana, We Don't Just Carry Guns,
We Carry Rope !!!!
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Old 08-01-2013, 09:36 AM
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Default Re: Had to Share This Letter

Great letter. Too bad some NAACP staffer will probably throw it away before it got to where it should. Even if it made it, they would probably not take it to heart. It just doesn't fit their agenda.
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Old 08-01-2013, 10:00 AM
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Default Re: Had to Share This Letter

Good find two gunsl. Thanks for posting that link.

the link has the letter on the official letterhead of the Sheriff. I'll post just the letter below so folks can read it easier:

July 16, 2013

State of Florida
County of Lee

Lee County Branch NAACP
3903 Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33916
Attn. President James Muwakkil

Dear President Muwakkil:

I have been invited to the NAACP Freedom Fund Awards Banquet and have been asked to sponsor the event financially. I will not be doing either but wanted to explain my concerns and the reasons for my decision. Frankly, I believe the NAACP locally and nationally loses credibility when it picks and chooses which issues it rallies around and embraces what often appears to be a double standard relative to race and ethnicity. I am citing two (2) local and recent examples of my concern.

Tragically, record numbers of young, black males have been gunned down in the streets of Fort Myers in an epidemic of alarming proportions over the last few years. In virtually every instance the killer was also black and the majority of those cases remain open. Many more black citizens have been injured and were lucky to survive similar circumstances. To date, I am unaware of any appreciable attention or public outcry the NAACP locally or nationally have afforded these issues in our own, proverbial backyard.

Conversely, you immediately inserted yourself and the Lee County Branch in the matter of Trayvon Martin's tragic death in a city hours from ours and publically declared that matter to have been mishandled by the police while expressing your intention to travel to Sanford sporting a "hoodie."
I suspect that when you said that, you had not examined any of the evidence or specifics of the incident; and I am certain you would not have reacted that way had George Zimmerman been black or Trayvon Martin

The fact is that Zimmerman is half Latino (Peruvian mother) but was portrayed early on by media and others as being "white." That seemed to fit better for a "white/black" contrast much like the media altering of the
911 recordings helped fan the flames of racism early on. Ironically, President Obama is half white but is generally referred to as being "black"

and so there appears to be an inclination among some to insert ethnicity as it fits with their agenda.

Fast forward to the trial and verdict which resulted in Zimmerman's acquittal...the same trial, verdict, and in fact justice system that you would have applauded had it convicted him. A leading cause of death for young, black males across our nation is murder and an astounding percentage is being murdered by young, black males. The noticeable lack of involvement and attention given those tragedies by the NAACP begs the question why in my mind. Black on black and black on white seem to illicit far less emotion than the proportionately occasional white on black examples like Zimmerman - who as noted earlier is actually only as "white" as President Obama.

Finally, I find your resurrected f'lxation with the portrait of Robert E. Lee and the demand for its removal regrettable. The timing so proximate to the Zimmerman race baiting is certainly suspect. While I am not black, I continue to be amazed by what is deemed "racially offensive and/or insensitive" and what is not. For example, the rampant use of the word "nigger" in the wildly popular hip-hop culture that floods the ears of youth across this nation and is comprised primarily of black artists apparently stirs little to no emotion among blacks but the portrait of General Lee does? I am fifty (50) years old, and I have heard more black people (including top, black comedians being funny) utter the word "nigger" in my lifetime than I could have ever fathomed. I continue to wonder why the NAACP does not publicly decry this trend and advocate its cessation. It is for these reasons that I feel your focus on the Lee portrait amounts to little more than unrealistic posturing that serves to
further a divide and promote a double standard. After all sir; our county is named after General Robert E. Lee and his portrait is far from the only reference to him, so I am left to wonder where this agenda stops.

I consider you a friend and hope my candor does not ruin that; however, I simply f'lnd myself unable to support your professional agenda, which I believe actually contradicts the end goal of eliminating double standards.

Warm regards, Sheriff Mike Scott

Scott me up Beamy.

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Default Re: Had to Share This Letter

The media in their haste to fan the flames of racism saw the Zimmerman name & jumped in with both feet. Much to their dismay, he turned out to be Hispanic, so a new "race" is born to cover their asses. Good letter, but it won't matter to the victim class, doesn't fit the narrative.

Lewisville Texas
You can lead liberals to knowledge, but you can't make them think.
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Old 08-02-2013, 09:17 AM
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Default Re: Had to Share This Letter

NAACP is an acronym for the National Association for the Advancment of Colored People.

The organization seems more intent on the National Advancement of Anti Civility of People. They impede more than help racial tensions by their actions.

One would think the epidemic of black crime by young black males would be recognized as a clear and present danger to the advancement of that ethnic group. Instead, they campaigne and lobby for more freebies from the government to resolve their perceived "oppression." Thereby re enslaving their members to the master,,,,the government. And therefore, not advancing their people at all.

Welcome to the plantation called the USA.

THe NAACP along with AARP constitute some of the most destructive organizations to our nations' future. Both are profit centers feeding on those they have convinced are disadvantaged.
Proudly Deplorable
When criminal justice is supplanted by social justice there is no justice.

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Old 08-02-2013, 10:36 AM
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Default Re: Had to Share This Letter

Aside from MSNBC, who actually pays a wage to Al Sharpton? Who pays Jessie Jackson? Skimming money off their so-called churches and activist organizations is one thing, but where do the dollars come from that keep these race-hustlers in the juice?

Endorsing racial division seems a lucrative profession. Al and Jessie are at the top of the race pyramid, but the money must come from those 'poor oppressed blacks' at the bottom -- the ones Al and Jessie keep enslaved to the government.
All things being equal, bigger bullets tend to work better.
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