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Old 04-24-2008, 09:05 AM
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Default Time Capsule unlocked

I thought this was pretty cool. I was looking at our local online paper this morning and found an article about a time capusle that was unlocked after 20 years at the same college I went to.

Going back in time: Confederation College time capsule unlocked
ALANA TOULIN, The Chronicle-Journal

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In 1988, George Michael and Gloria Estefan topped the charts, Jordan Staal was born, Brian Mulroney was in office, and a group of Confederation College marketing students built a time capsule they vowed they would not open for another 20 years.
Fast forward to Wednesday‘s 40th anniversary celebrations at the school where some members of the group got together to unearth what they had locked away so long ago.
While the group of college alumni and staff had to struggle a bit to get it open, they were glad they did.
Inside the silver cone were things such as student loan applications, a cafeteria menu, old newspapers (the headline on one edition of The Times-News blared “Manhunt Ends East of Terrace Bay”), a yearbook, and even $175 in dollar bills with a rather prophetic note predicting that by the time the capsule would be opened, the bills would likely be out of circulation.
“After that amount of time you‘ve forgotten, so it was like opening up a Christmas present all over again,” said marketing alumnus Walter Zanewycz. “It was really nice to see some of the notes and memorabilia shown today.”
College president Pat Lang agreed, telling the audience that the time capsule “captures a moment in time and gives us a chance to reflect back.”
Former Thunder Bay mayor Jack Masters was there to help open up the time capsule and said he has always been proud to have an association with the college. He has served on the board of governors.
“I remember when the group came to me for some help in preparing the materials,” he said. “The things in the time capsule represent so much of what the college is all about: variety, education, being a part of the community.”
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