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06-13-2007, 08:20 PM
I did a google search for "avatar" as I was thinking of getting a new one.

I clicked on the first site and didn't even choose anything for download but the site downloaded a bunch of bad stuff on my PC.

The first was that product that looks like a spyware detection program (that normally gets downloaded when you get the zlob virus) and the other is this thingy that keeps popping up web pages named in the title of this thread.

AVG & SpyHunter found and took care of that spyware stuff but nothing I have found the CPVFEED.COM popups.

A google search for CPVFEED.COM listed many sites that have instructions on how to remove. Many are long winded and "might" work.

I found THIS (http://www.humnri.com/HumZ/Articles/Article.aspx?number=17171) site that gave quick and easy instructions to remove/repair.

The Kaspersky scanner is a bit slow but (so far, as it's still running) a lot more thorough than anything else I've got. It's only 10% done and currently has:
Number of viruses found: 13
Number of infected objects: 43
Number of suspicious objects: 2

I may be asleep by the time it finishes but I'd like to see what it found. If they're real, I'm dropping AVG and buying their product.

06-22-2007, 08:16 PM

You probably ran into the same page I did doing a search for avators. I had all kinds of crap on my computer and Norton found a virus in a avator that I was going to download. I have not been back to that web site since.