View Full Version : Hey DZ: Internet in your car, includes WiFi hotspot

11-11-2006, 07:06 PM
DZ, in one thread a while back you were looking for some way to connect up a laptop to the interent. And you have another thread about a wireless printer.

I wonder if this might work better overall for you?



I would think it would be ideal for people with mobile homes and people pulling campers because it creates a WiFi hotspot wherever you install it, so if you pull a camper and have it in your tow vehicle you'd have access inside the camper. Plus, you tow vehicle also would have access without the camper. It would seem to make sense for business users too, as it creates a WiFi hotspot around your vehicle.

Of course some people might want them so the kids can surf the internet while driving down the road.

11-12-2006, 05:27 PM
Thanks Bob, will need to look at it in more detail.

I could be wrong (usually the case) but it looks from a quick review of the product listed, there is still a monthly fee.

Paying close to $200 a month now (three thousand minutes, two phones) and with any type of other "airtime" plan for wireless internet access, I could be pushing $270/month easy, which at this point, I don't feel like doing.

Since I average 2600 minutes a month of use (most for work), if I thought of lowering my plan, I would end up paying more going with their 2000 minute plan for the amount of minutes I actually use.

However, already learning where I can pick wi-fi up (hotel parking lots, different businesses and certain restaurants) and of course, when I stay at a hotel.