View Full Version : wireless security?

10-21-2006, 11:01 AM
Have the Toshiba laptop on order from the company per my other thread. Realize it may not be the "best" laptop out there, but for what I'm being charged, what comes with it, and having the company do a very minimal interest free weekly payroll deduction, seems like a no brainer.

We have DSL at the house. Looking at perhaps getting a wireless system set up at the house for use for the laptop. Something that will be needed, and a must, particulalry due to my wifes job, is some sort of security system.

Main home office on the first floor (where my wife works) and have the Mac down in the basment (where I'm slowly building an office space as well, although the mac is used for "fun" and not a "work station" for either of us).

Any advice on what to look for as far as a secure wireless system?

If I set up a wireless system in the house for my laptop, will it affect my wifes computer (this is very important due to her programming and what information she has access to).

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Adding to the questions, what exactly is an "air card"? What is a "broad band" service? Is it just like your cell phone service, but you use it with your laptop while you're on the road? Any type of wireless services out there that I should look at for use with the laptop?