View Full Version : Outlook express question

09-07-2006, 07:58 AM
Can anyone tell me why I can't open links in E-mails anymore?

09-07-2006, 08:00 AM
Which version of O.E. are you running? Did you recently update your O.E? Did you recently update or upgrade some other Microsoft software? We run a lot of Windows based systems and have found that a simple update on one piece of MS software often affects the way another piece operates.

09-07-2006, 08:37 AM

What are you using for your internet browser? Do you have multiple browsers?
When you scroll over the link in OE, does the cursor change from the arrow to the little hand (noting it's a link)?
Like Bob noted, it may be a setting in your browser software.

Big Dog
09-07-2006, 08:58 AM
Typically it's a security setting in your options menu somewhere (I'm not near a O.E. machine). It will require a check mark "to allow links" or something of that nature.

09-07-2006, 09:32 AM
Another thought, if you have multiple browser windows open it might pick a minimized window and be loading there and you don't even know it. I can have 20 or more open and hate to go hunting for whichever one it picks ....so many times I'll cut and paste the link in a window of MY choosing.
The settings in Outlook are under tools/options I think.

09-08-2006, 11:15 PM
Thanks for the help, everyone. I can't find what version of OE I have. My web browser is IE. I've looked everywhere I can imagine to find a box that needs checked or unchecked and can't find any. Besides auto updates I haven't updated XP in quite awhile.