View Full Version : Apple pie moonshine!!!

12-31-2009, 11:55 PM
Here you go Rusty.:biggrin: If you want a nice smooth drink that's sure to knock you on your a$$ and not leave a hangover the next day, try this.

We made up a batch last spring to keep us warm out at our fish camp weekend. It goes down nice and smooth. You barely taste the alcohol. When you try to stand, you soon discover your legs don't work like they used to.:yum: It made it interesting as we were sitting around the campfire in our clay pit we always camp in every spring. It snowed that day. You know what happens to clay when it gets wet. Try walking around in that when your legs don't work.

Anyways, nice happy buz. No hang over the next day. Love it!

1 gallon apple juice

1 gallon apple cider

3 c. white sugar

3 sticks cinnamon

1 bottle 190 proof grain alcohol (750 milliliter)

In a large pot, combine all ingredients except the alcohol. Bring to a boil, remove and cool completely before adding the alcohol.

The shelf life on this stuff isn't long....our batch only lasted a few days before disapearing.:w00t2: