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03-05-2009, 12:23 PM
Pie Susan's Family Recipe for Latkes
Basically, my mom use to have me grate on a boxed grater an onion and several idaho potatoes. (The amount depends upon how many you need to feed) If you grate the onion first, your potatoes won't turn brown. You add as much onion as you like. She would add an egg or two depending upon how many potatoes used, salt and pepper to taste and instead of flour she always used matzoh meal to make a fairly firm batter. She would heat some vegetable oil in a skillet and drop the latke by large spoon and flatten them a bit. When they got crispy on one side, she would flip them over with a wide spatula. This is how I do it. I make them golden on each side. Then, I drain them on paper and serve as I make them. Otherwise, they lose their crispiness; although you can keep them warm in the oven until you are all done, I find you lose some of the crispiness that everyone loves.

We also at one time grated the potatoes separately in water and then, drained well in a kitchen towel squeezing out all the water. That was not only suppose to remove the starch but also keep the potatoes from turning brown.

In a pinch, you could shred them in your food processor and then, with your s-blade chop the pototoes finely but in my humble opinion, the texture really isn't as good as when you used a boxed grater. Remember, one of the secrets to latkes is remembering that you aren't making hash browns, you are making latkes.

This recipe did not make it into my latke book because it is a bissel of this and a shissela of that. (a little of this and a little of that). It is one of the recipes that I never measure.

My grandma use to sometimes separate the eggs and add the yolks and then beat the whites and fold them in last.

Finally, my dad liked them with sugar and my mom liked them with sour cream and applesauce.